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The Setting

This takes place in our current year of 2016 in the Supernatural TV Show world. If you don’t watch the show or don’t know much of it, it’s okay. We’re not going to run into any of the main characters. They have their things that need their attention.

You will be playing a character that has no idea of the supernatural world at all, but will soon have your eyes opened to it.

Each of the characters will already know one another; either from work, school, grown up together… it doesn’t matter. The fact remains is that you are all friends in some capacity. But you will be the judge of how.

I will be using the New World of Darkness game system.

Session 0

Session 0 is where we’ll all get together and make our characters together. This is where it will be decided how everyone knows everyone. Besides, it’ll give us an excuse to hang out! If there is enough time after, we can have a mini session to get used to the rules if you’ve never played the New World of Darkness system.

Character Guidelines

REASONABLE AGE RANGE Your characters must roughly be around the same age so that the party makes sense (for example, a 40 year old marine corps vet wouldn’t likely hang out with a sassy 17 year old chick on a constant basis).

NO EVIL CHARACTERS: I’m not crazy (ha ha) about sociopathic characters with homicidal tendencies. Heard and experienced enough awkward horror stories that made the players uncomfortable that I’m going to have to be firm about this one and not allow it.

HUMAN ONLY For now, you are all starting off as humans. Doesn’t mean that won’t change later down the road.


Main Page

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